Control Electronics for a BLDC-Pump Drive with CAN-Bus-interface

Project brief

Pumps that are typically mechanically connected to combustion engines cannot ensure demand-based control. Intelligent control of media flow is becoming more and more important. Modern pump systems are characterized by a demand-based control of the pump drive. We designed control electronics with a CAN-Bus-interface for an oil pump with BLDC motor so that the oil circuit of a hybrid vehicle could be controlled in an efficient and demand-based manner.

The result – Faster than fast

The control electronics designed by SOBEK were successfully designed, tested, and delivered to the customer on a very critical timeline.

Challenge – The time was out of joint

The requirements for the control electronics were clearly defined when we received the order to design. Only the timeline was highly critical. We designed, produced and delivered a prototype within 4 weeks which is now successfully turning its rounds on the road.

Approach – Meeting the deadline under pressure

– Hardware design for the specific requirements
– Software development and implementation
– Building and testing the control electronics on the test bench
– Prototype build for prototype tests on the road

Conceptual Design Samples

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