Project Description

Development of a Leakage-free Flapper Check Valve

Project brief

Rarely driven vehicles, such as hypercars, require special control mechanisms in order to survive a longer service life without damage. We develop a leakage-free flapper check valve for the water cooling circuit of an electric hypercar.

Result – drop stopper

The flapper check valve developed by SOBEK ensures that the cooling circuit remains dry when it has to stay dry. The valve has been tested for both prototypes and series and has been successfully delivered to the customer.

The task – Don’t loose a drop

If the media flows are not supposed to flow because the vehicle has been stationary for a longer period of time, they sometimes still flow where you don’t want them to flow. For an electric Hypercar, we are developing a leakage-free flap check valve to reliably close a water circuit.

The challenge – A mirror-smooth sealing surface but no skidding course for the project

The development of a leakage-free check valve requires a special sealing surface. This can not only be guaranteed by the design, but must also be guaranteed by the production. We develop, produce and deliver prototypes and serial parts within a critical time frame

Procedure – From concept to solution

– Development of a zero leakage flapper check valve for the specific requirements
– Complex test cycles close to series production in in-house climate chambers
– Parallel auditing for the upcoming series delivery
– Assembly and delivery of prototypes as well as products for the series

Conceptual Design Samples

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