Project Description

Development of an Electrically Controlled Shut-off Valve for an Oil Circuit

Project brief

Rarely driven vehicles, such as hypercars, require unique control mechanisms to survive a longer service life without damage. We developed an electrically controlled shut-off valve with a LIN interface for an oil circuit.

Result – We are your speedboat

The shut-off valve developed by SOBEK had a highly critical timeline; it was tested and successfully delivered to the customer for both the prototypes and the series.

Task – Electrically controlled shut-off valve with LIN interface – but please deliver quickly

High switching speed combined with high switching cycles and strict requirements for tightness is an integral part of the overall concept in complex cooling circuits. This also includes the narrow installation space where the valve must be installed.

Challenge – Critical timeline

The electrically controlled shut-off valve requirements were clearly defined when we received the order for development. The schedule alone was highly critical. We develop, produce and deliver prototypes within four weeks, as the pre-series vehicles are already assembled, and pre-series testing is in full swing.

Procedure – Meeting deadlines under high pressure

– Development and production of hardware for the specific requirements

– Integration of LIN control

– Parallel testing with test cycles close to series production in in-house climate chambers

– Parallel auditing for the upcoming series delivery

– Construction and delivery of prototypes as well as products for the series

Conceptual Design Samples

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