Development of an electrically driven high-pressure pump for a Brake-by-Wire system

Project brief

The substitution of combustion engines leads to changed requirements for auxiliary units. The brake circuit of an electrically driven tool requires an electrically driven high-pressure pump for a brake-by-wire system. We are developing an electrically driven high-pressure pump with a UART communication protocol that is optimized in terms of space and weight.

Result – What a pound

The lightweight high-pressure pump developed by SOBEK delivers high pressures and high acceleration values when restarting.

The task – high pressure – but as light as you can, please

In the course of the development of alternative drive solutions, electrically driven auxiliary units are an integral part of the overall concept. This also includes brake circuits, in which brake-by-wire systems are becoming increasingly important. The products available on the market cannot meet customer expectations in terms of performance and weight.

The challenge – high pressures, hardly any weight – is that possible?

High demands are placed on weight and performance. A high maximum pressure and sufficient flow for the brake-by-wire system is required. And as if that were not enough, the target weight was 500 g. The control should be a UART protocol. Since the pump is only operated when needed, it is important to achieve high acceleration values.

How to proceed – From concept to solution

– Development of an SLM-printed pump head, piston drive, two cylinders
– Integration of a sensorless BLDC motor
– Control via a customer-specific UART protocol
– Validation of the concept on the test bench
– Development and delivery of customer-specific Brake-by-Wire pumps

Conceptual Design Samples

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