Project Description

Development of Electrically Driven Two- and Three-stage Coolant Pumps for an Man-carrying, Electrically Driven Aircraft

Project brief

For a world record attempt, we are pushing the limits: Electrically driven, multi-stage cooling water pumps with high power density, compact design, and sophisticated design elements enable the customer’s aircraft to take off.

Result – fly like an eagle

The cooling water pumps developed by SOBEK enable the customer to meet the high-performance requirements in the smallest installation space.

The task – water pumps – small, light, multi-stage with rotational direction reversal

We develop multi-stage coolant pumps which are suitable for both, cooling the electric motor and inverter and cooling the battery, since there is no metallic abrasion. 

Another requirement was the operating of the pump in both directions. In order to meet customer expectations, very high acceleration rates are necessary to achieve the required flow rates as quickly as possible when the direction of the flow is reversed.

The challenge – integration into existing series production

Pumps available on the market do not meet the expectations in terms of power density and acceleration speed due to the required rotational direction reversal.

Besides that, the pumps should fit harmoniously into an existing architecture without affecting the packaging.

How to proceed – From concept to solution

– Development of two- and three-stage pump stages without metallic abrasion
– Integration of sensor-controlled BLDC motors
– Control via a customer-specific CAN protocol
– Validation of the concept on the test bench
– Construction and delivery of customer-specific cooling water pumps

Conceptual Design Samples

It is our objective to find the best solution for your application.

Give us your specific requirements, and we will tailor our development to meet your needs.