Development of Self-Priming High-Pressure Water Pump

Project brief

For a First-Tier Supplier in the automotive industry, we developed a self-priming water pump with a reverse mode attached to an electric motor.

Result – A spray gun for mobile use 

The self-priming high-pressure water pump developed by SOBEK enables the customer to meet the high-performance requirements for the requested application.

Water without additives: poor sliding properties

Pumps available on the market do not meet the expectations in terms of rotational direction reversal in combination with the water properties and required pressure values.

The challenge

Apart from the fact that the pump has to operate in both directions, we have to deal with pure water without any additives. Furthermore, the required volume flow at a defined counter-pressure has exactly to be met. Internal leakage of the pump becomes a critical success factor.

Procedure – From concept to solution

– Development of a gerotor pump stage with reverse mode

– Adaption of pump stage to an electric motor for internal test bench tests

– Validation of the concept on the test bench

– Construction and delivery of customer-specific water pumps

Conceptual Design Samples

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