Project Description

Development of a Flapper Check Valve with two lines on the outlet side

Project brief

For prototypes of road vehicles, we develop a flapper check valve with two lines on the outlet side to precisely control the flow of the cooling medium and thus the water temperature.


The new flapper check valve developed by SOBEK enables the customer to meet the high-performance requirements for efficiently controlling the volume flows of the cooling circuit.


The task – Integration of an additional cooling circuit

The power density of modern combustion engines leads to higher performance requirements for cooling circuits. The cooling circuit of a turbocharged combustion engine requires a flapper check valve with two lines on the outlet side to optimize cooling efficiency. We produce this valve by using SLM to realize challenging flow paths and lightweight structures.

The challenge – Does water always flow down the mountain?

Sometimes there are unpleasant interactions between connected circuits. The medium flows backwards, although it should flow forwards. With the help of CFD we analyze the media flows and optimize the design by eliminating the „media flow backwards“. We validate the results on the test bench and confirm the calculations.

How to proceed – From concept to solution

– Development of a flapper check valve for the specific requirements

– Design optimization of volume flows and pressure loss by CFD analysis

– Validation of the concept on the test bench

– Construction and delivery of customer-specific units

Conceptual Design Samples

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