Space-Optimized Water and Oil Pump Unit with integrated, Step-Motor-Controlled Mixing Valve

Project brief

Why does every electrically operated unit have its own housing when you can accommodate everything under one roof? We are developing a CAN-controlled pump module for separate water and oil circuits, including a stepper motor controlled mixing valve.

Result – small, lightweight, powerful and anything but stupid

The multifunctional pump unit developed by SOBEK combines complex control mechanisms with high volume flows at minimum pressure losses in the smallest installation space.

The task – A oil pump, a water pump, a mixing valve – but please small and exactly fitting

The products available on the market do not fit into the available installation space and cannot deliver the desired control mechanisms.
The two cooling circuits operated by electric pumps have to be regulated to the desired temperature employing a stepping motor controlled mixing valve.

The challenge – The building space? So small that you can hardly see it!

The available installation space is so limited that a standard solution is eliminated for the requirements communicated by the customer. We develop a solution as compact as it can be for the two pumps and the mixing valve. We print the housing using SLM. We optimized the connection channels within the unit using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Each unit is controlled via a CAN protocol.

Procedure – Looking-glass upon the wall, who has the smallest of us all?

– Development of a multifunctional pump and valve set on the smallest space
– Optimization of volume flows by CFD analysis
– Control via customer-specific CAN protocols
– Validation of the concept on the test bench
– Construction and delivery of customer-specific units

Conceptual Design Samples

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